Traditional Consulting

Our experienced independent financial professionals offer independent, objective advice and serve as your financial advocate in helping you make informed investment decisions.  This service is a project oriented engagement driven by a client's unique requirements.

Strategy Design

Our professionals will develop specific investment strategies according to a detailed assessment of your attitude toward risk, income needs, time horizon, anticipated cash flows, tax considerations (if applicable) and other factors based on client-specific situations.  Each client’s circumstances are unique, and this process allows us to craft an individualized investment strategy and policy statement tailored to achieve your objectives.

Manager Search and Selection

After the development of an appropriate strategy, we will conduct a search for the investment management firms to manage each portion of the strategy.  Typically, a search may result in 5 or more different investment managers for your portfolio with each one specializing in a specific asset class (i.e. stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities) that comprise the investment strategy.  Using this approach, any single manager can be replaced without disrupting the rest of your portfolio.


Our professionals will continually monitor your portfolio and report performance on each investment manager in the portfolio.  We compare investment manager returns to the performance of established benchmarks and peer groups of like managers in order to determine relative performance in addition to absolute performance.  By measuring the performance of each manager and understanding the reasons for such performance, we can objectively recommend whether or not a manager should be retained or should be replaced. 

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Our experienced independent financial professionals offer independent, objective advice and serve as your financial advocate.
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