Investment Management

Since our inception in 1998, our holistic investment management approach has appealed to individuals and institutions alike.

We combine creative planning, unbiased research, liquid investments, strategic partnerships and industry leading technology to develop customized asset allocations, equity portfolios and laddered fixed income portfolios designed to achieve each client's unique investment goals.

Our investment management approach is simple and consistent.

Strategy Design

Our professionals will develop specific investment strategies according to a detailed assessment of your attitude toward risk, income needs, time horizon, anticipated cash flows, tax considerations (if applicable) and other factors based on client-specific situations.  Each client’s circumstances are unique, and this process allows us to craft an individualized investment strategy and policy statement tailored to achieve your objectives. 

Risk Allocation

Based on the investment strategy developed through our strategy design, we will develop a portfolio that is intended to meet your stated goals and objectives while providing diversification to reduce volatility.  


Our process utilizes a core and satellite investment approach. 

The core segment of the portfolio is committed to investing in cheap, diversified index funds, exchange traded funds and passive mutual funds tracking the traditional fixed income and equity markets.  This portion of the portfolio is not frequently traded.

The satellite segment of the portfolio is where we will overweight specific sectors, regions or styles in an attempt to take advantage of current economic and market conditions to produce excess returns.  This is the actively managed portion of the overall portfolio. 

The advantage of the core and satellite approach is that the majority of the portfolio is focused on long-term wealth creation, but still allows for tilting the portfolio to try to outperform the market without taking on too much risk.

Monitor, Report, Repeat

Our professionals will continually monitor your portfolio by performing ongoing due diligence of individual positions as well as overall portfolio asset allocation percentages to adhere to your investment policy statement.  Investment reports and portfolio compliance summaries will be generated and distributed at least quarterly.  The strategy design will be reviewed annually, or as client circumstances dictate.

Insurance Clients

Our insurance clients have unique statutory requirements.  As such, we tailor their investment solution to be sensitive to their specific underwriting operations, cash flow requirements, financial condition, tax status and regulatory environment.  Our professionals have a thorough understanding of this process and the impact portfolio changes can have on our statutory clients.


 Our fixed income portfolio construction consists of investment-grade taxable and tax-free bonds with a primary objective of current income and capital preservation.  Our objective is achieved through in-depth credit work on each fixed income security focusing on yield while maintaining tight restrictions on credit quality.

Our professionals also serve as an extension of your internal operations by offering leading edge technology for accounting, compliance and regulatory reporting.  Our insurance clients receive on-line access to audit quality accounting reports including reports to support the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and Schedule D.  Our on-line system also provides multi-basis capability, customized general ledger entries, comprehensive NAIC regulatory filings and financial statement disclosures.

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Since our inception in 1998, our holistic investment management approach has appealed to individuals and institutions alike.
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